april 26th 

Today is the 26th of April.
I’ve finally figured it out. Ireland doesn’t really get a lot of full sun. It’s usually overcast, not cold during the summer, but not warm. It’s not really wet, but not dry. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not humid either. I suppose it’s like being in Washington state around Seattle during the Spring. Just kind of blah.
Well, Derry is now beginning their annual Jazz Festival. The festival lasts for a month and is the biggest thing around covering the entire town. Our man of the hour…Read more



Well...tomorrow is going to prove interesting to say the least.
I have been "persuaded" to climb out of my comfort zone and have some fun.
Here in Derry, there is a large square in front of "Guildhall" where alot of folks walk through on their way here and there. On one side is a large section of the original wall from the 1600's. Opposite is Guildhall, and next to that are store fronts.
During the day...the nice non rainy days...there are several musicians that stop and play. You can…Read more


The last few days have been pretty nice here to say the least. It's nice to feel some warmth here.
Today we are going out and about with Dameon...a friend of Keith's and he will be taking us out from the city to the rural areas to take in the local scenery.
Tomorrow we meet with the band members and a possible female vocalist. Should be interesting. It will be nice to get the show on the road.
On the 28th we have been invited to meet with the town mayor over at Guildhall. I have pics of the…Read more

PRESS RELEASE April - Nashville Tennessee 

What do these things have in common... Paycheck and Irish Pipes?
James Paycheck is in Ireland putting together a new group of players.


PR Log (Press Release) – Apr 06, 2010 – The famous country music duet from Nashville, TN, "CASHnCHECKS", are over on the green isle, bringing their music to the many waiting fans of country music throughout Ireland and the UK. We caught up with James Paycheck after arriving in Belfast and then taking the one hour ride to their…Read more

April 5th updates 

Well, lets see...
We have been busy here with playing, interviews, Etc. We have another radio interview tomorrow and a TV show to do in Belfast later this week.
I must say, it's been rather dreary here with the rain and clouds. The locals say it's been an unusually wet season. I guess everyone is having a different year...even back home. Soon the weather will get brighter and warmer.
We are working on the band and practicing at night to get tight. We have more shows coming up.
Iv'e written a…Read more

Tuesday March 30th 

Pics?...ok. I have a couple only. This morning we went to the radio station to hook up with Keith. While there we both did some "Liners"..you know..."Hey, this is JT Reno and your listening to Drive 105.3 FM here in Derry" yada yada.
Then we went next door to a taylor to get the snake skin made into a hat band, then to go get another apartment key made.
We got to the apartment with Keith and it was cold It's Easter WEEK here. Everything shuts down...everything. By the way...we don't play until NEXT…Read more

Sunday-March 28 

We found the towns main shopping mall yesterday...like being back home except elbow to elbow people...holy cow!!!like these people are hooked on stuff from abroad. There was a line around the corner, down the stairs, accross the street, past our place, over the river and through the woods to grandmas house of people waiting for McDonalds. Ridiculous. I got a cheesburger...no pickles dangit!. Tastes like Mcdonalds...oh ah woopie. Whatever.
We are just hanging around the place today I think, working on the…Read more

saturday Radio Interveiw 

Another cold wet day in town. Good news though...I took a shower. It's a pain taking one without a shower curtain. You have to aim the shower head toward the tile wall and press yourself over by it to keep the water from flooding the rest of the bathroom.
More good news...we went back to the "Everything's a Pound store" and bought a shower curtain, some nylon rope and hooks so we can hang a curtain tonight. Ah, the little things.
While in town, we went through the "Mall" here ( It has McDonalds),…Read more

sightseeing today March 26th 

Heh, Heh, Heh,
We had a good day today.
We have the bus thing down now and went across the river to Foleyside where everything old is at.
We stopped by the tourist info place and got some books, blah, blah, blah and took off.
First stop was Guildhall where the city council do business. I took lots of pics here. They let James and I walk all over the place where others can't. It's all castle looking and stuff. Everything is imported from somewhere else.
Then we went around the diamond square area where…Read more

First day in Ireland 

Right now we are walking everywhere...it's kinda nippy here but we probably walked 5 miles to the otherside of the river to the city.
We finally got a ride at the airport. The big white bus in front of use was our ride and we didnt know. Neither did the driver until he asked us if we were with Paycheck. We stood there for about 45 minutes...in front of the bus. Oh well. It was a 2 hour very fst drive to the station, then a taxi ride to the house. We got to bed around midnight their time after we figured…Read more