March 19th


Look at the pics of our adventures at the Kokopelli
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Put on your a pair of your best "chonies"
on MARCH 19th JT was 
singing at the Kokopelli Moon Saloon!
Saturday night JT he teamed up
with George Clay
from 9pm to Midnight
Never heard of the Kokopelli? just watch the video below
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FLORENCE, AZ - A new bar in Florence is causing a little controversy. People are taking notice of the signage on the front of the building "The bar itself has a great deal of history," said co-owner Matt Ritter.
The bar sits on Main Street in the historic district of Florence. Originally built in 1853, its history is causing some issues for the new owners. "The name of the bar is Kokopelli Moon Saloon and we have the image of the character Kokopelli mooning," Ritter said.
A logo that didn't sit well with some."Some people think it's actually exposing his derriere, it's not. It's exposing what we around here call a pair of chonies, aka underwear," Ritter explained.

In a meeting last week, members of the historical district advisory commission expressed concern over allowing the bar to have the signs. "There were some complaints, at least some criticism coming from others that thought the logo sign wasn't acceptable," said Jess Knudson with the Town of Florence. But in the end, the commission decided to approve the sign permit."They don't like it, they wish they didn't have to approve it, but they don't have any legal bias not to approve it," Ritter said.

Kokopelli is here to stay on historic Main Street of this Old West town."It's humorous, that's largely the reaction we get. It's funny," Ritter said

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