Our Armed Forces Entertainment application has been Accepted and APPROVED!
To all our fans...... Thank you for all your support and well wishes.
Without you we're just a bunch of "stinky guys" with nice instruments and nowhere to go.
Now is the time we sit back and wait for the next phone call. The armed forces entertainment committee will contact us when there is a match for our type of music. So we will continue to polish up on our act, finish up applying for those passports (hint.. hint... you guys who haven't mastered that task yet) we will forward on any news the minute we receive it. Check in often to see if we will be playing in your neighborhood anytime soon.
Meanwhile, Take a look at the opportunities we have when traveling with the Armed Forces Entertainment
just click on the link below

A special thank you to Capt Al Melvin
for his support of JT Reno & the House of Stone he was so kind to send this-
Letter of Recommendation from Senator Al Melvin
Captain, USNR (Ret) / Master Mariner
American Quality International Consulting (Ameri-Q.I.C.), LLC
xxxxxx xxxxxx Drive
Phone (520) xxxxxxx Tucson, Arizona 85739-1810 Fax (520) 825-2964
Email: Web:
To: USO Nov 4, 2008
Re: JT Reno and the House of Stone USO Tour Application
Dear Sirs:

Please consider this letter an endorsement of JT Reno and the House of Stone’s application to tour with the USO in support of our troops, both overseas and in CONUS.
I met this band during my campaigning efforts for the Arizona State Senate. They have a great performance manner and are enthusiastic about everything they do. I have personally witnessed this band during a recent performance at a local VFW post. During a musical break, I sought them out with the suggestion that they apply for a tour with our troops. Much to my surprise, they informed me that in fact they were in the midst of compiling an application for the USO tour.
It is my belief that these gentlemen are well suited for representing not only the state of Arizona but also the greatest country in the world, which I personally have had the honor of serving during my own 30 year military career. As a Captain, USNR (Ret), I am well aware of just how much a USO tour can boost the morale and efforts of our service members. I stand 100% firmly behind the effort of JT Reno in the mission of supporting the troops with their talents. J.T. Reno and the House of Stone have the qualifications to represent some of the best of America’s homegrown talent in conjunction with true American spirit to execute the tasks required of them.
I know this band would be a great treat for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well on bases and ships around the world. They are very talented and they are ready to go now. I am available at any time to act as a character reference for them. I sincerely hope that you give them the opportunity to entertain our troops.

Best regards,

Al Melvin
Captain, USNR (Ret)


USO Recommendations

October 2nd 

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to let you know that I think that J.T. Reno and the House of Stone are the best candidates to be on the USO Tour. During my time with them at Sturgis 2008, I found them to be accommodating in every way. Without them I know that the show would have stopped the first day.

First of all, they provided all of the sound equipment for each of the five bands there, spent hours on sound checks, and set up/tore down the equipment at least 20 times just so that each band could put on the best performance he or she was capable of.

J.T. Reno and the House of Stone played at least four hours every night that they were there, including the first night where they literally pulled into the campground after their 20-hour drive to Sturgis, SD and played for the crowd for into the late hours of night without complaint.

They provided guidance personally for my husband and I on how to best represent us as an act, explaining their experiences, losses, and gains. They also unselfishly gave up paid performances to us just so we could have the experience that we were hoping for, offering anything that we might need of theirs just so we could do our best.

J.T. Reno and the House of Stone have sacrificed much to be the best performers possible for any crowd given to them. I have personally witnessed a family among them that I am proud to be a part of. They are ever encouraging, loving, and helpful in every way.

Speaking as a wife of a Solider who will soon be deployed, I can honestly say that J.T. Reno and the House of Stone not only have the credentials to back them up but also have the talent and spirit to fulfill all duties required of them.


Lela Rundle


As an aspiring country singer myself, JT Reno & the House of Stone represent nothing but the best of this business. They have a great demeanor and are enthusiastic about anything and everything they do. JT and the boys will let anyone take the stage with them. I'm hoping they let me stowaway in the luggage because these guys would be nothing but an asset to a USO tour.

Posted by: Neil Russell

September 28 2008 

I have had the special privilege to not only listen to JTReno and the House of Stone in concert but I also own JTReno's CD. I am also in the military and would love to hear them on a USO tour. I was in Viet Nam and we loved groups like this playing for us. The kind of music they play hits home and to the heart. His mixture of music is the best that I have heard in a long time. If JTRENO and the House of Stone go on tour the troops will love them and want more.

David Strickland
Tucson,Az. 85741
*JT Reno Website Editors note;

JT Reno support letter - Sept 26 2008 

September 26, 2008

Re: JT Reno and the House of Stone USO Tour Application
To Whom It May Concern:
Please consider this letter in support of JT Reno and the House of Stone’s application to participate in a USO tour to support our troops.
I have known JT Reno (aka Jim Koch) for more than 30 years. I first heard him sing when I was a young teen growing up in Colorado. He had true talent then, which has only improved with time. The songs on his CD, “Lights of Home” are beautiful and inspirational. His vocal talents bring the words to these amazing songs to life. I have been listening to this wonderful CD every day for over four months now and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. The CD is a terrific blend of Country, Blues/Jazz, Christian, and a little bit of “rock n roll”, just to spice things up – something for every musical taste.
The musical talents of this group aren’t limited to just the songs on the CD. When we were in high school, Jim could cover anything from Morris Albert and John Denver to Lynard Skynard and Led Zepplin. I’m sure that hasn’t changed!
Jim and his lovely wife, Tanya, have two sons who are serving our country. Although I don’t have any immediate family members currently serving in the military, I have several close family friends who serve, including my youngest daughter’s boyfriend. He is a HUGE fan and would really appreciate the chance to see JT Reno and the House of Stone in person. What a wonderful gift this would be to the men and women serving our country.
Again, please consider approving JT Reno and the House of Stone for a USO Tour. If you need additional information, feel free to contact me.
Brenda Thomasson
Meridian, Idaho 83642

*JT Reno Website Editors note;

Date: Thu, 25 Sept 2008 

 To whom it may concern,

I am a former member of the US armed forces and also a huge fan of J.T. Reno and the House of Stone. I believe that this band should be featured on the USO tour so that we can show our troops that we as Americans support their efforts and would like to show our appreciation by sending them a top notch entertainment group by featuring J.T. Reno & the House of Stone. Please consider them on your tour.

Ken McConnell

*JT Reno Website Editors note;

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